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“The Greatest Threat to Our Planet Is the Belief That Someone Else Will Save It” – Robert Swan OBE

Often when we speak to people about going green, the response is often that it is up to the government to implement change to save our planet. We are fortunate to be based in Germany, the heart of renewable energy, the shift to a sustainable future and we have learnt a lot from being based here.

Although through many instances around the world i.e. Trump pulling out of the Paris agreement, the UK closing the department for climate change, it is evident that we cannot leave the future of our amazing planet to the governments.  The movement needs to happen from the ground upwards in a grassroots fashion. True change comes from the bottom upwards. By showing the world that we want to and we will live green we will create the change that is needed in the world.


Here are a few ways which you can make an impact today on your footprint. In every action you take you have an impact on the planet. Every moment we have a choice to make, about if we are going to live green, choose green and look at ways which we can minimise our impact of living on this planet.

This is not a blog to tell you what to do or to judge you in your actions. This is to provide you with information to make your own conscious choices about what you do. If something resonates with you great, make the change! If you don’t resonate with it after researching the topics more, then that is fine too. This is about making informed choices about your life. Even if you only do one thing on this you are still making a change!


Carbon Foot Print Calculator

See how big your footprint is and work out the ways to reduce! Check out the website for some great info and a free calculator.


Switch to renewable energy


Change your energy provider to a Renewable Energy provider – this is super easy and can be done on the phone or online in most cases. There are many myths out there making this seem more difficult or more expensive. In many instances you can actually save money. More and more people are switching to renewable energy which is a main driver in the shift to renewable energy. It is simple supply and demand. With this shift in the demand for renewable energy, more and more companies are investing to supply green energy. Even oil companies now see this as the way forward! Do your part and change your energy supply today. Often you can do this within the same company! If possible change to a local more independent provider so that you also have the impact of diversifying the energy market and preventing large scale energy monopolies from gaining all of the power.


Businesses going green



Businesses can and must lead from the front in creating change to a greener world. We have the responsibility to set the standard for how we interact with our planet. We should do everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint and become carbon neutral businesses. Use recycled products, minimise non- essential travel and replace with video conferencing (see later in blog), look at giving back to the environment in projects such as and carbon offsetting. Where can we make our supply chain greener? How can we encourage and incentivise our employees to be green too?

Allow our passion for the environment to be infectious to others in the way that we operate. And to show that being green is good for business! Showing that you care, by operating green and giving back will help your business grow. It certainly has for us, it is one of our biggest talking points with clients and candidates and has been key in our success. We hope that we can inspire other businesses to continue to develop their green policies and to give back to the environment and our amazing planet! We should not only look to adhere to environmental policies, but to surpass them and set the standards for other companies to follow!


Reduce your meat, fish, dairy consumption


food emissions screenshot 1

A controversial topic for some given that high meat consumption has been the norm in our lives for so long. The meat & dairy industry is such a large machine that has infiltrated our ways of life that has promoted large levels of consumption for so long. Often we eat meat, fish and dairy at every meal. We have started to wake up to the propaganda that has been fed to us by the agriculture industries and debunk some of the myths and our eating habits.


This blog is not saying that you need to become vegan overnight, a more realistic approach is to reduce your meat, dairy & fish consumption, and when you do consume to buy from a good local and ethical source. The aim of this is to open your eyes to the impacts of your consumption and point you in the right direction to make your own research and decisions on this topic. Going vegan can drastically reduce your carbon footprint, yet there are many things that are often overlooked i.e. Buying lots of soy and the import of foods from overseas and its associated supply chain carbon costs.


food emissions screenshot 2

We believe rebalancing your consumption to live more harmoniously with the planet will be the most realistic and effective way to effect change globally. i.e. eating local high quality meat or fish once  a week, some meals with local free range eggs as part of a balanced diet of local foods. There is a lot of information online about the effects of agriculture and climate change so we hope that you will make your own research and make up your own mind up if any of facts around this topic resonate with you. A great resource is


…you can click on the images and get full info, facts and sources of the info. This is where we have taken the screenshots from, the website goes into much more detail.


Other interesting links…  An eye opening and controversial documentary on the impacts of animal agriculture and climate change. Definitely worth a watch and combining with your own research

On the other side of the coin the impacts of the increased demand in soy due to the increasing trend in veganism

Rebalance your eating habits and reduce your footprint!




Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

A great mantra for clean ways of living which applies to every part of your life. Reduce your consumption, reuse and get creative with things that you would usually throw away. When you have no use for it anymore, then recycle! Composting at home is also a great way to deal with food waste.



In the international world that we live in this is a tough one. Flying has one of the most detrimental impacts on climate change. It is an important topic for us to address both on a business and personal level

“Just one return flight from London to New York produces a greater carbon footprint than a whole year’s personal allowance needed to keep the climate safe.

Our carbon footprint is the estimated amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) given out as we travel, buy food, heat our homes and enjoy our usual lifestyles.

The average personal footprint in Britain is 9.5t. To get down to a fair share of the world’s total; this must be cut by 87%, leaving 1.2t. On every flight to New York and back, each traveller emits about 1.2t of CO2. If we fly, air travel overshadows all our other impacts.”

Air Travel’s Impact on Climate Change

Do we really need to fly all the time? Often, we can take a train or a bus in the same amount of time as flying if we have a stopover at an airport! If we do decide to fly it is always best to get a direct flight due to less emission. But often we could decide not to fly. We always have a choice and we cannot ignore the effects of flying any longer if we are serious about combating climate change.

With video meetings and conferences available we can save a lot of our transport emissions. With holographic meetings on the verge of being rolled out commercially, this will really negate our need to travel so much on business. Also with the ability to be in multiple places at once this will revolutionise the way business is done and increase efficiency in global businesses.


The future! Holographic meetings




Buy second hand

Do you really need to buy new, or could you save some cash and buy second hand? Another form of recycling! Second hand clothes are trendier than buying new these days!


Buy Local

Support local fair trade businesses and reduce the carbon footprint of the supply chain in which you are buying. Remember, when you buy something you are supporting every part of the supply chain which is used to get this product or food to you. Do your research and see if you can reduce your impact. Support local businesses, buy higher quality food that is much healthier for you and buy products that last. Even if they are more expensive you will save money and the long run


Mobile Phones


We are always upgrading to the latest handset, throwing away our old phones. Recycle your phones, repair them or buy second hand! If you are looking for a long-lasting phone design that you can upgrade and is sourced from fair sources we would recommend the Fairphone!


The modular phone that’s built to last

We’ve created the world’s first ethical, modular smartphone. You shouldn’t have to choose between a great phone and a fair supply chain.”


Info environmental costs and benefits of mobile phones



Ride your bike whenever and wherever you can. A great way to reduce transport emissions and stay fit.



Often, public transport will take no longer than it would to take a car. In cities it is often quicker. Or for those journeys that will take a little longer going by public methods, just leave a little bit earlier, and leave a lot less of a footprint!

Electric Vehicles

Tesla has lead the way in making electric vehicles a reality, and also making them way cooler and faster than combustion engine cars. If you get chance to test drive a Tesla you will see what we mean! With many other companies in the EV market, with prices reducing and the increase of charging stations the combustion engine will soon be a thing of the past. You can keep up to date with Electric Vehicle news with us here

Electric Vehicle News


Be vocal with your friends and family about the topic of climate change. Share your experiences with the changes you have made and how good it feels to actively care for the planet we live on! Imagine this…if over the next year you spoke to just 20 people about these topics and 5 of those people did something to change the way they lived, and then those 5 people spoke to 20 people (so 100 in total) of which 5 changed (25 in total) something about the way they lived, and they all told 20 (500 total) people who  convinced 5  people each to change(125 total) and so on…

climate talk2-1


So with these figures of a 0.25 conversion rate of someone doing the smallest thing to change the way we live you can already see that you could effect the change of 155 people quite easily! If each person that changed continued changing just 5 people from their conversations you can see how quickly you could get nearly 1 million people to change the way they live!

Of course the conversion rate could fluctuate but this is about making things easy for people. Why wouldn’t someone change their energy to renewable sources if it was possible and was pretty much the same price? Combine your conversations with some videos like the ones on the Charity Page of our website and get people challenging their own ideals for themselves! Now add in things like social media and the internet and we have a game changer! Anything is possible if you believe in it enough. We believe that together we can change to the world.


“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead



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